Session Prices

Please remember, that for all treatments, we must hold a signed veterinary referral form, these can be downloaded from our website. If you prefer, by prior arrangement, we can organise the referral form to be sent direct to your vet.

Click here for your Veterinary Referral form.

All dogs, whatever therapy they have arrived at the centre for, will be given a health check.

Prices as of Janurary 2022


Hydrotherapy – Pool Rehabilitation – 35 mins £46.50

Snowy’s provide assistance for your dog during the pool rehabilitation sessions at all times. In some cases dog’s require more support and encouragement, this could be due to something as simple as having reduced mobility or a more complicated issue such as a dog with degenerative myelopathy, with the number of therapists available we are able to provide maximum care and safety for your dog.
With PMFT - £47.00

Hydrotherapy – Treadmill Rehabilitation– 35 mins £48.00

At Snowy’s there are always at least three therapists available for treadmill sessions, to ensure your dog receives the best care and support in their recovery process. However, with more complicated cases such as spinal, total hip replacement, or nerve debilitating conditions, we can provide 5+ therapists per treatment, and there is no extra charge for this service.
With PMFT - £50.00

(Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances)

Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy with PMFT – Single Joint Treatment – 30 mins – £30.00


Myotherapy – Initial consultation -1 1/2hrs £60.00

Myotherapy – follow up £55.00

Stance Analyser

Stance Analyser - 30 mins £15.00


Initial Assessment - 1 1/2hrs - 2hrs £75.00

Follow on treatments 1hr - £65.00

Physiotherapy/Hydrotherapy Combination £49.50

Other Services

Snowy's Orthopedic Referral Services - Andrei Uricaru - Call for details

All prices are inclusive of VAT. We accept all major credit and debit cards, or you can pay by bank transfer.

Please be aware that sometimes the length of the sessions may alter, this will be dependent on the dog’s condition, fitness level, needs and ability. The prices are fixed regardless of the possible change in session timing.

On your first appointment we like to allow an hour, this enables us to assess the dog correctly, give a comprehensive health check, also it is very likely that your dog will be in the water for a shorter time, this allows us to assess the recovery period.

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All sessions are by prior appointment only.